Below you will find our “rolling stats” for this week’s European Tour event, the Dutch Open. There are four different tabs worth of stats for you to look through: Euro Only 5T Field Stats, Euro Only 10T Field Stats, Euro Only Year Field Stats, and SG Snapshot.

The 5T and 10T stand for “Last 5 Tournaments and Last 10 Tournaments”. You will find stats pertaining to only the last five and 10 tournaments played on these tours.  The Year stats are exactly that – a rolling 12-month period. The SG Snapshot is a look across the four strokes gained categories, week by week, next to each other to help you identify trends in the major statistical categories. The snapshot includes the last five tournaments played on the European Tour. 



These stats are from European Tour events only and do not include any rounds that were played on the PGA Tour, even if they were co-sanctioned events. Video analysis below, and check the full chart at the bottom.