With NCAA college basketball in full swing, we get full slate of games to analyze Saturday. If you’re interested in getting into some fantasy action, PrizePicks is a get way to some exposure.

The format is simple. PrizePicks sets fantasy point lines for select players and then you choose between two and five players to go over or under their given projection. Naturally, the more players you put into your parlay, the larger the payout. You can enter a “Power Play,” where you must get every pick in your parlay correct to get paid out. Another option is a “Flex Play,” where your payout changes depending on the number of picks you got correct.

  • Two-player “Power Play” entry pays 3x and “Flex Play” pays 2x for both correct and 0.5x for one correct
  • Three-player “Power Play” entry pays 5x and “Flex Play” pays 2.25x for three correct and 1.25x for two correct
  • Four-player “Power Play” entry pays 10x and “Flex Pay” pays 5x for four correct and 1.5x for three correct
  • Five-player entries are only eligible for “Flex Plays” and pay out 10x for five correct, 2x for four correct and 0.4x for three correct

Below are my favorite PrizePicks plays for the Saturday CBB slate.

Scoring breakdown for PrizePicks contests can be found here.

Feb. 27 PrizePicks

College basketball

  • Jay Heath, Boston College (22.0 points) — OVER
  • Prentiss Hubb, Notre Dame (27.2 points) — OVER
  • AJ Lawson, South Carolina (27.2 points) — OVER
  • Allen Flanigan, Auburn (23.0 points) — OVER
  • Trendon Watford, LSU (28.6 points) — OVER