At FTN We want our subs to have access to the brilliant minds that work here. That is why we are running 40 days of NFL Discord leading up to the first week of the NFL season. Every day one of our experts from @FTNFantasy, @FTNDaily, @FTNBets, or @FTNData will be in our NFL discord tabs on their respective sites taking questions from our subscribers. 

Whether you are wondering who to take in your fantasy draft, in preseason NFL DFS, which futures bets offer the most value, or how to take advantage of the massive amount of information we have available, our experts will be there to guide you through it. 

Check out the schedule below, mark your calendars, and don’t forget to bring your questions. 

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DateExpertDiscord SiteTimeTwitter
8/1/2021Kyle MurrayFTNDaily8:00 PM@KmurrDFS
8/2/2021Tyler LoechnerFTNFantasy10:00 AM@LoechnerNFL
8/3/2021Benny RicciardiFTNBets2:00 PM@BennyR11
8/4/2021Jeff RatcliffeFTNFantasy1:00 PM@JeffRatcliffe
8/5/2021Gilles GallantFTNBets1:00 PM@GDAWG5000
8/6/2021Kyle MurrayFTNDaily8:00 PM@KmurrDFS
8/7/2021Brett WhitefieldFTN Fantasy (Data)TBD@BGWhitefield
8/8/2021Derek BrownFTNDaily11:00 AM@DBro_FFB
8/9/2021Matty DFTNFantasy10:00 AM@_MattyWood_
8/10/2021Chris MeaneyFTNFantasy5:00 PM@ChrisMeaney
8/11/2021Jeff RatcliffeFTNFantasy1:00 PM@JeffRatcliffe
8/12/2021Derek BrownFTNDaily11:00 AM@DBro_FFB
8/13/2021Ian WhartonFTNBets8:00 PM@NFLFilmStudy
8/14/2021Adam PfeiferFTNFantasy5:00 PM@APfeifer24
8/15/2021Gilles GallantFTNBets6:00 PM@GDAWG5000
8/16/2021Derek BrownFTNDaily11:00 AM@DBro_FFB
8/17/2021Brett WhitefieldFTN Fantasy (Data)TBD@BGWhitefield
8/18/2021Jeff RatcliffeFTNFantasy1:00 PM@JeffRatcliffe
8/19/2021Tyler LoechnerFTNFantasy10:00 AM@LoechnerNFL
8/20/2021Matt FreedmanFTNBets9:00 PM@MattFtheoracle
8/21/2021Matt JonesFTNFantasy8:30 PM@MattJonesTFR
8/22/2021David JonesFTNDaily8:00 PM@tenaciousDJONES
8/23/2021Eliot CristFTNBets4:00 PM@EliotCrist
8/24/2021Kyle MurrayFTNDaily2:00 PM@KmurrDFS
8/25/2021Jeff RatcliffeFTN Fantasy1:00 PM@JeffRatcliffe
8/26/2021Gilles GallantFTNBets1:00 PM@GDAWG5000
8/27/2021DrewFTNFantasy8:00 PM@fantasyGuruDrew
8/28/2021David JonesFTNDaily8:00 PM@tenaciousDJONES
8/30/2021Chris MeaneyFTNFantasy5:00 PM@ChrisMeaney
8/31/2021Two GunFTNDaily10:00 PM@TwoGunFF
9/1/2021Jeff RatcliffeFTNFantasy1:00 PM@JeffRatcliffe
9/2/2021Ian WhartonFTNDaily (CFB)8:00 PM@NFLFilmStudy
9/3/2021Chris MeaneyFTNFantasy5:00 PM@ChrisMeaney
9/4/2021Eliot CristFTNBets2:00 PM@Eliot Crist
9/7/2021Two GunFTNDaily10:00 PM@TwoGunFF
9/8/2021Jeff RatcliffeFTNFantasy1:00 PM@JeffRatcliffe
9/9/2021Gilles GallantFTNBets1:00 PM@GDAWG5000
9/10/2021Adam PfeiferFTNFantasy5:00 PM@APfeifer24
9/11/2021David JonesFTNDaily8:00 PM@tenaciousDJONES
9/12/2021Javi PrellezoFTNDaily11:00 AM@JPrellezoDFS
9/13/2021Kyle MurrayFTNDaily7:00 PM@KmurrDFS

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