SuperDraft is one of the hottest daily fantasy sports (DFS) platforms in the market for DFS players and sports bettors. SuperDraft offers a unique twist to your traditional DFS experience to keep you coming back for more.

SuperDraft offers a wide array of contest types and game modes. This post will review what makes SuperDraft different and why it’s so much fun to play. From traditional DFS to their “Super 15” game, SuperDraft is a terrific option for all DFS players.

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What is SuperDraft?

SuperDraft launched in 2019 as an online daily fantasy sports platform. There are a few different ways to play the game, including three different game modes (Multiplier, Champion Mode, and Salary Cap). We’ll break down each game mode below.

SuperDraft is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

How to download the SuperDraft Mobile App

Here is how to download the app on both iOS and Android devices.

Download SuperDraft on iOS

  • Open Apple App Store.
  • Search for “SuperDraft”.
  • Download directly to your phone.
  • Sign in and enjoy SuperDraft.

Download SuperDraft on Android

  • Open Google Play store.
  • Search for “SuperDraft” in the app library.
  • Download the app directly to your Android.
  • Sign in, and enjoy the fun at SuperDraft.

How does SuperDraft work?

There are three different game modes for SuperDraft players, including Multiple, Champion Mode, and Salary Cap. Let’s review each type here.

  • Multiplier mode on SuperDraft

This is SuperDraft’s bread and butter and what really separates it from the other DFS platforms. Here’s how SuperDraft puts it: “Multiplier is SuperDraft’s exclusive game mode. With our groundbreaking formula, say goodbye to salary caps and hello to freedom.”

SuperDraft’s Multiplier mode eliminates the traditional DFS salary cap and instead provides a points multiplier for every player. You can load up on all the studs, but their point multipliers will be a little lower. Or you can play some long shots that will score 2x the points. This gives you a ton of flexibility when building lineups.

  • Champion Mode on SuperDraft

Champion Mode blends Multiplier mode with an additional twist: In Champion Mode, one of your five players will get an additional 50% boost to their multiplier score. Make sure you choose the right Champion to take home the crown!

  • Salary Cap mode on SuperDraft

Salary Cap mode is your traditional DFS experience. You are given $80,000 to fill out the best possible roster. Each player’s salary is decided by SuperDraft before each slate.

What are the different contest types on SuperDraft?

SuperDraft offers various types of different contests, including:

  • Tournaments: Compete against at least 100 other participants for a shot to win big. Each slate will have a different payout structure, but it usually means a big prize for first place.
  • Boosters: You can win a multiplier of your money, such as 2x, 3x, etc.
  • Head-to-Heads (H2H): Battle just one opponent. Winner takes all.
  • Satellites: If you place high enough, you’ll earn a free entry into a big tournament.
  • Beginners Only: Match up against other new players only so the playing field is level.
  • Super 15: Pick the best team under the $15 salary cap.

Freerolls: Practice drafting, test out new strategies, and just play for bragging rights!

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What sports you can play on SuperDraft?

SuperDraft offers many different contests for all types of sports fans. Sports include but aren’t limited to:

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • Golf
  • WNBA
  • MMA
  • Poker
  • BIG3

States where you can play at SuperDraft

SuperDraft is not available in all states, but you can play in 33 states plus Canada. Here’s the full list of U.S. states in which you can play SuperDraft:

GAMINMTXMore coming soon

You do not need to live in one of these states (or Canada) to play SuperDraft, but you do need to be physically located in one of the states to play. SuperDraft will require access to your device’s location to determine your location.

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How do you win on SuperDraft?

So how do you actually win on SuperDraft? Most DFS veterans are familiar with the concept of ownership percentage. Taking advantage of ownership on SuperDraft not dissimilar from your typical salary cap sites. Finding the right balance between rostering higher owned players (the “chalk”) and lower owned value plays (usually player’s with higher multipliers) is key. You likely won’t beat out a large field of SuperDraft users by only rostering the all-star, big name players. On the flip side, fielding a full roster of high multiplier value plays likely won’t get you to the top either. 

Using FTNDaily’s SuperDraft fantasy point projections can help you sift through all your options for a given slate and find just the right balance to assist you in taking down that big GPP.

SuperDraft Frequently Asked Questions

Is SuperDraft legal?

Yes, if you are in Canada or one of the U.S. states listed above. It is considered a daily fantasy sports (DFS) contest, which is legal in the United States.

Does SuperDraft have a mobile app?

Yes, SuperDraft has mobile apps for both Android users (on the Google Play Store) and iPhone users (on the Apple App Store). The platform is designed to be mobile-first.

What is the best promo code on SuperDraft?

The best promo code to get the most in terms of your sign up bonus is using promo code FTN, which gets you an instant sign up bonus of up to $100.