The last of the MACtion is upon us. We’ve seen it all — late scratches without warning. Third-string QBs running for nearly 300 yards and 3 TDs. Bowling Green being competent. Lew Nichols being flummoxed. In MACtion, all things are possible.


Fittingly, the final true MACtion DFS slate of the season is a two-gamer in which we are reasonably confident about only two of the starting QBs actually being the starting QBs by the time kickoff happens. 


We are just going to talk about everyone here, because there’s too many if/thens to ponder thinking about things from a rankings perspective. Let’s first tackle the guys who are supposed to be starting but are bad. That would be:

  1. Matt McDonald, Bowling Green ($7,600)
  2. John...

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