The puck drops for Tuesday’s 11-game NHL main slate at 7 p.m. ET. As always, I’ll also be on Discord throughout the day to answer all of your questions. 


Below you’ll see a list of all the games on the NHL slate along with the goal total for each:

  • Boston Bruins at Montreal Canadiens – 6
  • Los Angeles Kings at Philadelphia Flyers – 6
  • Florida Panthers at Pittsburgh Penguins – 6.5
  • Minnesota Wild at Tampa Bay Lightning – 6
  • San Jose Sharks at Detroit Red Wings – 6.5
  • Vegas Golden Knights at New Jersey Devils – 6.5
  • Winnipeg Jets at Nashville Predators – 5.5
  • Buffalo Sabres at St. Louis Blues – 6.5
  • Anaheim Ducks at Arizona Coyotes – 6.5
  • Washington Capitals at Colorado Avalanche – 6
  • Chicago Blackhawks at Vancouver Canucks – 6.5


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