Welcome back to League of Legends. We have an exciting season upon us. We have one DFS slate on deck, a four-game LCK/LPL DFS slate Wednesday morning. I’m here to break down my top DFS builds as well as my strategy for this slate. Lineup construction itself is especially important. If you haven’t had a chance, give the Esports 101 breakdown a read.



The LCK is easy in picking T1 and DK to win. They face two teams that feed kills in losses, and they are some of the worst. Due to the pricing of both heavy favorites, I’ll focus on two-man stacks more than four-man stacks. I’ll have a few, but the focus is the LPL once again. 

For the LPL, I’ll lock WBG in four-man stacks against one of the worst LPL teams in LGD. They make...

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