Welcome back to League of Legends. We have an exciting season upon us. We have a four-game, best-of-three LCK/LPL DFS slate starting at 3 a.m. ET Friday. I’m here to break down my top DFS builds as well as my strategy for this slate. Lineup construction itself is especially important. If you haven’t had a chance, give the Esports 101 breakdown a read.



This is one of the better slates where we don’t hedge as much. For me, I won’t hedge anything with KT or DK. KT and DK will win easily and I like them more in two-man stacks. I’ll have a few four-man stacks of DK, but nothing more really.

For LPL, I’ll like BLG and OMG a ton with the focus around OMG four-man stacks. I’ll have some BLG four-man stacks, but not as much...

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