The below rankings are FTN NBA analyst Fast Eddie Fear and Kawhisenberg's rankings for each slate in NBA DFS.

FastEddieFear and Kawhisenberg's NBA Ranks

These rankings are based on DraftKings and SuperDraft pricing and have two main uses: First off, on their face the rankings show our opinions of each athlete’s viability in both DraftKings and SuperDraft contests.

Ranks can be loosely translated as follows:

  • 10: Nearly an essential play (Not every slate will have 10 rated players);
  • 9: Very strong play, absolutely no issue including in any lineup;
  • 7-8: Not a priority and fine to go without, but a strong play;
  • 5-6: Useable, but not ideal. In Multi-Entry, a player you would want minimal exposure to;
  • 1-4: While not entirely unplayable, not any...

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