Welcome football fans. We are back for Week 12, and I cannot be more excited. This is the time of the year where I am most locked in. I qualified for the maximum number of entries in the FanDuel live final in 2019 and NFL was my most profitable sport for the last couple of years. I am consistently in the top 100 on RotoGrinders for NFL and currently rank as a top 50 DFS player in the world. I was a few yards away from my first Milly, but ended in third in the Milly Maker back in 2019. Now, what made me so successful? The key is having a core of 4-6 players and using those in the majority of your lineups. For me, it will be called “Must Javs” and/or the Sexy Six. I will be playing in contests under 500 total entries with some entries...

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