Daily fantasy sports continues to dominate the world of fantasy sports, and StatHero is one of only a few companies to put a genuine twist on the way you can play DFS.

StatHero offers fantasy players two ways to play: A revolutionary DFS sportsbook, and a fantasy-based survivor pool. 

This article will dive into everything you need to know about StatHero  — one of the most refreshing takes on DFS to hit the industry.

What is Stat Hero?

StatHero is a DFS platform that offers players a few ways to dip their toes in the daily fantasy sports waters without being eaten alive by the industry’s “sharks” right away.

How so? Unlike most other DFS platforms, StatHero does not pit players against other players. On StatHero, you are always playing against StatHero.

StatHero is extremely easy and user-friendly and not overwhelming to understand. And because you are always playing against the house (StatHero), it’s always clear exactly what you need to do in order to win some money.

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How do you play Stat Hero?

StatHero keeps it simple by offering two game modes:

  • Daily Fantasy Sportsbook (Rivals)
  • Fantasy Survivor Pools

Here is StatHero 101, from Chris Meaney.

Stat Hero Fantasy Sportsbook - Rivals

The StatHero Rivals DFS sportsbook is straightforward. You choose a lineup of a handful of players (the exact number will change depending on which sport you pick) and stay under the allowed salary cap. One of your players is the “MVP” and will score 1.5x the point.

Then you take your lineup and pit it against one of StatHero’s lineups and choose your stakes. If you beat the StatHero lineup, you double your money. 

Stat Hero Fantasy Survivor Pools - Player Contests 

The StatHero Fantasy Survivor Pools is what really sets the platform apart. And within the StatHero Fantasy Survivor Pools, there are two game modes:

  • Player Survivor Contests
  • Team Survivor Contests

In the Player Survivor Contests, you select a lineup while staying under the salary cap. You are once again facing StatHero’s lineup in these survivor pools, with the difference being that so are many other people. But you don’t have to worry about beating the others in the contest — just StatHero.

If you beat the StatHero lineup in a given round, you advance to the next round (along with everyone else that beat the lineup). You also make some money whenever you advance rounds.

You’ll then select new players for the next round (minus any players you chose in previous rounds) and face StatHero again, and the cycle will repeat either until you lose to StatHero or win the whole contest. 

In the Team Survivor Contests, you will select a handful of players all from the same team. (In Round 1, and only Round 1, you get to pick a Wildcard player for your lineup from a different team.)

Once again, if you beat StatHero’s team, you advance. (Even if your team loses its real-life game!) And like traditional survivor pools, if you make it to future rounds, you can’t pick teams you’ve already picked before.

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The Stat Hero payout structure is straightforward but rewarding

StatHero did not just take a new approach for how to play DFS — but also for how to win.

The platform takes a 20% commission fee at the start of its Survivor contests. So if you enter a $100 contest, $20 goes straight to StatHero and the other $80 is entered into the pool as prize money.

That is higher than the 10%-15% rake you can find in other DFS lobbies, but the difference on StatHero is that you can theoretically last several rounds in a contest. StatHero doesn’t take a fresh 20% for each round — just once at the start of the contest.

Importantly, on StatHero, you win money every round you advance. How much money you win will depend on how many other people in the contest beat StatHero’s lineup. 

In an example contest, say 50% of the prize pool is set aside for the winner, or last remaining survivor. The other 50% of the prize pool is distributed to all players who advance through each round. Imagine the total prize pool is $10,000, with $5k for the winner and $5k for the rounds.

Let’s say 30% of the lobby loses to StatHero in Round 1. StatHero then takes 30% of the prize pool for the rounds (so 30% of $5k in this example), which is $1,500. That $1,500 would then be distributed evenly to the 70% of contestants that advanced through Round 1.

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Stat Hero FAQs

What states can you play Stat Hero in?

You must be physically located in one of 32 states to enter a StatHero contest, including: AK, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, ND, NE, NM, NY, OK, OH, OR, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, WI, WV, WY, and UT.

How do you make money on Stat Hero?

You make money by beating the house, which in this case is whatever fantasy lineup StatHero puts together for a given contest. In the head-to-head contests, you win by beating StatHero straight up. In the survivor contests, you win by beating StatHero each round en route to winning the grand prize, which is reserved for the player that survives through the most rounds.

What sports can I play on Stat Hero?

StatHero currently offers contests for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR and PGA.

You can visit the StatHero FAQ page for more information.

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