This quick article is going to highlight some huge DFS wins from DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo and SuperDraft that our FTN family hit this week. It doesn’t matter if its NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA or even eSports, if someone made a huge return on their money, we want to celebrate it. Take a look at some of our winners this week below. 

TwoGun played his core guys from his article on FTN Daily Sunday and binked $100K (again). His article should be one of your first stops before making NFL lineups. 

Javi Prellezo booked a CFB live final ticket this past Saturday. He gave thanks to the picks from our experts @DubDeuces85 and @theSFGiantsGuy, who have been crushing college football all season long. Congrats Javi. 

FTN subscriber “DelGriffith’s TwoPIllows” turned $20 in $3,705 on one of the DraftKings NBA Slates. 

We look forward to another profitable week at FTN. Be sure to check out all we have to offer to help build the optimal lineup:

And much, much more!