Are you new to NFL DFS? Have you always wanted to learn from the pros?

With the TwoGun Challenge, FTN brings you just that as professional DFS player TwoGun is set to tutor and help a new player learn the ins and outs of the game, and grow a bankroll throughout the NFL season.

Let's take a look at the TwoGun Challenge, a new feature at FTNDaily where a DFS professional and three-time milly maker winner and a new player to daily fantasy sports team up to use the FTNDaily product to grow a bankroll, starting at $1,000.

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Who is TwoGun?

TwoGun, AKA TwoGunFF on Twitter, is truly one of the best daily fantasy football players in the world. There is literally no one better in NFL DFS, as TwoGun has a proven profit of well over $5M in daily fantasy football, and has won the milly maker THREE times on DraftKings. TwoGun provides weekly advice and lineup-building strategy for NFL DFS at FTNDaily.

Who is Brooke Kromer?

Brooke Kromer is an FTN Network personality that has worked in the NFL space for years. Brooke's father Aaron, and brother Zak have coached in the NFL for years. Aaron Kromer coached in either D1 college or the NFL for nearly 40 years. Brooke currently sells luxury real estate in Florida and covers the NFL, fantasy football, and betting at FTN Network.

Here is some of Brooke's work at FTN Network.

What is the TwoGun Challenge?

The TwoGun Challenge is an awesome event where Brooke Kromer, as a new player to daily fantasy sports, will be tutored by TwoGun and start with a bankroll of $1,000. By using FTNDaily's tools, projections, and premium content she will look to grow her bankroll throughout the 2021 season.

Each week, Brooke will report on how she did in various contests for DFS, and look ahead to the following week.

Two Gun Challenge - 2021

Below, we will keep track of Brooke's weekly recaps, recorded early in the week after the slates close on Sunday and Monday. You will see how her lineup fared, what hit, what missed, and more.

Weekly Recap

Week 1

Stay tuned for Brooke's weekly TwoGun challenge recaps, here.

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