Welcome to the beginning of the CS:GO PrizePicks articles where we will be targeting the best props of the slate! While other focus just on one tier, PrizePicks focuses on every tier in CS:GO which makes it that much more enticing to watch!

Speaking of “PrizePicks”, it is a creative new way to parlay picks based on expected fantasy point production.

How to play PrizePicks CS:GO.

The format is simple. You will pick two, three or four players and predict if they will go over or under their fantasy point total. 

For CS:GO, the scoring is also just as simple as players score +1 fantasy point for a kill and then –1 fantasy point if they kill a teammate. 

When parlaying the players, the larger your parlay, the better the payout:

  • Two-pick entry pays 3x (max entry: $400)
  • Three-pick entry pays 5x (max entry: $200)
  • Four-pick entry pays 10x (max entry: $100)

As a bonus offer, there is a “flex play” option if you choose to run a 4-man parlay. This will provide some security, as you can earn 1.5x your buy-in if three of your four picks hit.

Thursday's first series will start at 3 a.m. EST.

CS:GO PrizePicks for Thursday

Here's a look at my favorite picks on PrizePicks Thursday.

sh1ro OVER 40.5 – This will be one of the greatest series during the entire ESL Pro League Playoffs and it features two top-five players with sh1ro and device. We should see a battle between the two teams. Now the first time the two met, Astralis swept and by a good margin. Gambit has started 2021 very hot and dominant while device has thrown Astralis on his back once again. This battle will be insane.

device OVER 40.5 – See above on why these two can hit the over. We also witnessed device hit 50+ kills in two maps just last week and that was against a much weaker team than Gambit. While the first series was a sweep in December of 2020, I do not expect that here.

refrezh OVER 35.5 – Sticking with the ESL Pro League Playoffs with this play also. Heroic and NiP have been two completely different teams. While they do both show signs of struggles, they find ways to pull out victories. Now for refrezh, he is averaging around 37 kills in his past five series with just one series being below that. NiP still is making mistakes and both teams average around 12-13 rounds in map losses, which means we should see close to 55-60 rounds.

f0rest OVER 37.5 – f0rest did burn us the last series he was on with a poor performance of just 33 kills, but they also faced Evil Geniuses. Now, they get a beautiful bounce-back series versus Movistar Riders, who they swept early last year in 55 rounds of play. Also, Movistar Riders form is in a huge decline, which means f0rest and Lekr0 should be able to bully them. Before the poor performance versus EG, f0rest logged 51, 45, 35, 37 and 47 kills.

Favorite Combinations

  • Sh1ro (o40.5), device (o40.5)
    • Payout 3x
  • sh1ro (o40.5), device (o40.5). f0rest (o37.5)
    • Payout 5x