The BLAST Premier Finals kicks off the playoff portion of the event on Wednesday. DraftKings is giving us a three-game slate which locks at 8:30 a.m. eastern.

Here’s how scoring works on DraftKings:              

For lineup construction, we mainly want to stick to the following builds: 3x3, 3x2x1, 2x3x1, and occasionally 1x3x2. Now 3x3 means that we stack three players from two teams that we believe will dominate and sweep their opponents. For 3x2x1, that means your three-man stack has your captain in from your larger team stack. For 2x3x1, that means a two-man main stack that your captain is in and the three-man stack is all flex players. The rare 1x3x2 build means you one-off your captain position and your three-man and two-man stack...

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