DFS Cheat Sheet

Welcome to the FTN DFS Cheat Sheet. Our analysts will post their favorite plays and exposures for a given sport. In our next version of this tool, stacks and other amazing features will be added. So get started and click your favorite sharp to find their top plays. Click on Exposures/Plays to see the aggregated plays from our analysts. Start WINNING now!

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Daily Fantasy Cheat Sheet - Exposures and DFS Picks

What are DFS Cheat Sheets from FTN Daily?

FTN’s DFS Cheat Sheets are a one-stop-shop for all of your daily fantasy needs in one place. The cheat sheets cut through the clutter and let you easily see which players FTN’s team — “experts,” “analysts,” “sharps,” or whatever you want to us call — like for each slate across all sports.

FTN offers the most robust content, data, and tools in the fantasy sports and betting industries to help our readers learn the tools of the trade and become better players. But sometimes it’s nice to just get to the point and “see the plays” easily. That’s where the DFS Cheat Sheets come in handy.

Best DFS Cheat Sheets for all fantasy sports

FTN’s DFS Cheat Sheets cover all of your favorite daily fantasy sports, including:

  • PGA

Play and exposures are updated 1 hour before lock. More sports are always being considered to be added.

Key features of FTN Daily’s Cheat Sheets

The Cheat Sheets are simple to understand and largely self-explanatory, but that doesn’t mean they lack great features and information.

True to their name, the DFS Cheat Sheets from FTN offer you a quick glance into the minds of our top analytics, including:

  • Select the Sharps: You can see the aggregated plays and exposures of all FTN staffers for each slate, or you can pick your favorite sharp and just see who they are on. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated.
  • FTN Exposure: We don’t just tell you which players are analysts like this week — we also tell you how much we like them. Saying you’re in on DeSean Jackson is one thing — but are you 5% in, or 35% in? We expose the exposures so you know exactly how much weight to put behind certain picks.
  • Top Stacks: Stacking is one of the most important tools in DFS. So important, in fact, that we’ve added stack exposures to the DFS Cheat Sheets to help you see how our analysts truly value the stack options for each slate.