NBA Starting Lineups

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NBA Lineups - Today’s Starters and Bench Players

What is the NBA Lineups tool?

When it comes to fantasy basketball and DFS, there’s nothing that gives you an edge over the competition more than being “in the know” on the latest news and NBA lineups. The NBA Lineups tool from FTN provides you with all of the information you need every day to make the smartest lineup decisions and make the best last-minute swaps to win your game or take home the top prize in DFS. Here’s all of the information contained in FTN’s NBA Lineups tool:

  • Matchup details, including start time and Vegas point spreads
  • Projected starters and bench leading up to the games
  • Confirmed starters and bench players as soon as the news is confirmed
  • Projected DFS values across DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, and more
  • Full-season stats, including minutes, points, assists, rebounds, and projected points
  • Real-time stats once the games have started

How to use the NBA Lineups tool to see tonight’s starters

The best part of the NBA Lineups tool from FTN is that we provide you with all of the information for ever slate of NBA games you need on one page. Before the games start, we will show you the projected starting five for each team as well as their projected bench. There is a yellow bar that says “Projected” at the top of each lineup so that you know those names aren’t yet confirmed. Once the starting lineups are official, we change the yellow bar to a green bar that says “confirmed” — and you’ll know who the starting five are for each team at that point. You no longer have to go to each team’s website or search on Twitter for individual players or teams. We just have it all on this page to make your life easy. We also show each players projected points and projected DFS values for today’s games. This makes it incredibly easy to spot which players have the best chance of popping off for your fantasy squad on a game-by-game basis. And it’s not just the starters we provide these stats for — you can see each NBA team’s full bench as well, including their projected points and DFS values. Finding the right cheap bench player is often the key to victory, and the NBA Lineups tool from FTN helps you see which ones have the best chance of returning big value for your team.

Why is it important to know NBA Lineups and the starters?

When it comes to fantasy basketball, the starters pay the bills. While there are support or bench players that can deliver for your team, the big numbers usually come from the starters. There is arguably nothing more important in NBA fantasy — especially DFS — than knowing the starting lineup for each slate. If one of your top starters ends up being a reserve player tonight because he’s still nursing an injury, but you didn’t take him out of the lineup, you’re going to be in trouble. On the flip side, if the diamond in the rough player you’ve been eyeing was inserted into the starting lineup at the last minute, you’ll be able to take advantage of that while everyone else is still behind on the news.