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What is the PGA Lineup Optimizer for DFS

FTN’s PGA Lineup Optimizer for DFS is the best optimizer for daily fantasy (DFS) golf gamers. The optimizer gives you what you need to compete on a consistent basis. Next-level DFS players always use an optimizer. It’s time for you to join the big leagues.

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How to use the PGA DFS Optimizer

The FTN PGA Optimizer has everything you’d want an optimizer to have.

  • The basics: Choose your DFS provider (DraftKings or FanDuel), your game type (e.g., cash or GPP), and set your min/max salary thresholds.
  • Pick a slate: The optimizer always pulls in all of the PGA slate options available each week, including full-tournament and showdown options.
  • Set the variable: Include golfers, exclude golfers, lock golfers, like or dislike golfers, and set exposures. The player dashboard features critical stats like salary, ownership projections, projected scores, Kyle Murray’s Player Rating, expected points per dollar value, and more.
  • Player combinations: Stacks are critical to success in most DFS sports. Contrary to popular belief, PGA exposures can benefit from groups. Pick your core golfers and let the optimizer do the rest of the work!
  • Choose the number of lineups you want: Whether you’re rolling with single entry, 3-max, max-entering with 150? The optimizer helps you with all of these.

FTN Daily is home to DFS optimizers for NFL, NBA, MLB, and PGA. Check out our DFS optimizer tutorial series on YouTube to learn the ins and outs and play like a pro.

Why should you use a DFS optimizer for PGA?

DFS optimizers help in two primary ways:

  • Easy access to a competitive DFS lineup(s) with all of the most critical research tools in one place
  • The ability to scale your strategies and dominate the DFS industry

There are, of course, many other things optimizers are helpful with, but these two bullets break it down to the essentials — and these are the reasons optimizers appeal to both casuals and grinders.